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Tsunade and the Toilet Monster page 2 by pedrocorreia Tsunade and the Toilet Monster page 2 :iconpedrocorreia:pedrocorreia 180 5 Hinata Commission by chainedname Hinata Commission :iconchainedname:chainedname 402 19 Samui- Mebuki Sketch Commissions by chainedname Samui- Mebuki Sketch Commissions :iconchainedname:chainedname 156 3 [Req]Nai's Lil BoyToy by Shadow443
Mature content
[Req]Nai's Lil BoyToy :iconshadow443:Shadow443 453 14
Giantess Riho Futaba by THEDAIBIJIN Giantess Riho Futaba :iconthedaibijin:THEDAIBIJIN 288 30
REQUEST: A Smelly Contest
This story contains fart humor in some detail. If you do not like it, please do not read.
"I can't believe she kicked me out of the house...AGAIN!" Jade screamed to the air. Her mother, Amy, forced Jade to leave after a big argument.
(Whatever...I don't need her)
Jade was still her blue pajamas with red polka dots. She had socks on her feet, and had on a blue shirt with a pink panda on it. Unfortunately, it was 8:00 in the morning, and Jade had not taken a shower yet.
(Il...just take a walk, I guess)
Jade began walking away from her house, and into the local park.
(What's everybody lookin, at?) She thought to herself. (Acting like they never saw a girl with pjs on before..) Just then she let loose a very loud bassy fart. Her pajamas even rippled from the force.
(Ooh, that one might have left a mark.)
Jade was kicking a rock on the ground, not paying attention, and accidently walked into someone.
"Hey, watch where your going!" The young girl said.
"Jeez sorry! Who put a beehive in your
:icongarbageman95:Garbageman95 63 9
Cliffhanger by Karbo Cliffhanger :iconkarbo:Karbo 2,314 358
A Light Snack: Featuring the Sato Sisters.
"Uuuuurp! Oh wow, this stuff is great!" giggled Avalon as she happily belched through a double mouthful of the homebrew cola. Harry's family must have been Kings of Cola in their day! She'd have to inquire about their history at some point, but for now she was perfectly content filling her maw with their legacy.
Shannon giggled as Nami attacked her third chocolate cake. Herself the largest of the sisters, she found it rather cute that Nami, the smallest, devoured her food with mre gusto than her two superiorly sized sisters. Yet amazingly, she had still eaten twice Nami's meal in sandwiches, pastries, fries and hotdogs, to name a few
"Y-y-you three alright?"
"I can honestly say never better," chuckled Shannon, stuffing a whle sandwich in her mouth.
"Could do with more cola though."
:icongo-tee:Go-Tee 236 13
Blaze's Unexpected Gassiness.
Nothing more than a nice day. As usual, Blaze is taking a stroll after deciding to take one. Oddly enough, Blaze started getting hungry as her stomach grumbled. She then continued walking to find a restaurant of some sort to get food. Blocks and blocks and Blaze was getting hungrier by the minute. Eventually she came up to this restaurant, one called The Cat's Meow.
"Hmm..." Blaze thought aloud, "Maybe this place might ease my hunger." She then walked in. She saw that the place was fairly packed but oddly enough, her stomach growled louder once she smelled an aromatic scent that lingered from across the restaurant. She blushed and tried not to look too hungry. She was called quickly for a table when her stomach growled again.
"Wowo I'll bet you're pretty hungry," the waiter escorting her asked.
"Yeah...I guess I am."
They then arrive at an empty booth where the waiter sets a menu down on the table.
"Here y'go ma'am."
"Thank you." Blaze then takes a seat and looks over the menu. Pretty
:iconfemalegasadmirer:FemaleGasAdmirer 51 18
REQUEST: Vanessa by leshawk REQUEST: Vanessa :iconleshawk:leshawk 224 63 COLLABORATION: Bathroom Queue -Sequel- by leshawk
Mature content
COLLABORATION: Bathroom Queue -Sequel- :iconleshawk:leshawk 391 58
Narumi's gassy prank by coaster14 Narumi's gassy prank :iconcoaster14:coaster14 687 99 COLLABORATION: Blake's Mistake by leshawk COLLABORATION: Blake's Mistake :iconleshawk:leshawk 259 58 PTC:Sempai-Kevin 2 by MMGPeve
Mature content
PTC:Sempai-Kevin 2 :iconmmgpeve:MMGPeve 153 10



United States
Hey everyone! This is my first time making a journal entry. I had this account for so long that I never got around to make entry. So now maybe I should start.

I'm always thinking of making a story. The thing is, I'm not good when it comes to writing it down then to just imaging it each time I go out. When ever I leave my house I always like to come with a story in my head. Every time I think one  up, I always keep the same kind of plot: normal person lives life, is taken to a different world, person become a hero. Then: hero meets villain, hero turns evil, turns back to good then sacrifices themselves to save world or worlds and universe. I keep it like this, but the characters I would change. I make up new one I go out or I just can't make up an ending for one. Hopefully, I can create one major story and post it up here on devianart so you guys can read it. I'm not good at drawing like you guys, believe me the pics that I have as my favs are the best that I have ever seen, I think I can a story....well.....worth reading.


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